hiroshi katagiri

SFX Master Turned Director Hiroshi Katagiri Talks ‘Gehenna: Where Death Lives’

Today, I had the honor of interviewing Hiroshi Katagiri, an incredibly talented special effect master, who once served as the primary artist at the legendary Stan Winston Studios. Katagiri has on movies like Escape from L.A., Jurassic Park III, Blade: Trinity, War of the Worlds (2005), The Cave, Doom, Hellboy, Aliens vs. Predators: Requiem, X-Men […]

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Bears Go To War In Webcomic ‘Bearmageddon’

While Hollywood is obsessed with putting things into tornados, the corners of the internet have a hidden gem, a webcomic titled Bearmageddon by Ethan Nicolle. Ethan has been making comics for years with his most notable work being Axe Cop that was created by his little brother (5 years old at the time) Malachai.   […]

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‘Downrange’ Gets New Blood-Soaked Trailer Ahead Of Arrival On Shudder

    Ahead of its exclusive release of Shudder later this month, Downrange has released a new blood-soaked trailer. From acclaimed director Ryuhei Kitamura, the man behind films such as The Midnight Meat Train, Versus, and Godzilla: Final Wars, comes a film filled with terror, brutality, and a fight for survival.     Produced by Kitamura and Eleven […]

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‘Annihilation’ Arrives On Home Video This May

  Alex Garland’s Annihilation (review), will be arriving in stores this May, and it’s one film that you don’t want to miss. Garland (Ex Machina) directed from the script he wrote based on the ‘Southern Reach Trilogy’ by Jeff VanderMeer.     Natalie Portman, Tessa Thompson, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Oscar Isaac, and Gina Rodriguez star in the […]

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Fred Ward Reunites With Kevin Bacon For ‘Tremors’ Series

It’s a big year for the Tremors‘ franchise. Not only will Tremors: Cold Day in Hell be released soon, we also have” Tremors: The TV Series”, starring Kevin Bacon, headed our way. Director Richard Clark (Doctor Who) revealed that Fred Ward, who played Earl Bass Kevin Bacon’s partner in the original 1990 movie, has come on […]

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jamie lee curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis Says ‘Halloween’ Is Terrifying!

We are officially halfway to Halloween, but today everyone is talking about the new Halloween movie thanks to the first official poster being released. To top it off, Laurie Strode herself, Jamie Lee Curtis revealed during a conversation with Yahoo that horror fans are “… gonna love this movie.”   I’ve seen a trailer and I’ve seen some […]

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Movie Review: At Granny’s House (2015)

When Marion (Glenda Morgan Brown) has one “senior moment” too many, her son saddles her with a smoke show of a caregiver named Rebecca (Rachel Alig). This puts a bunch in Marion’s Depends, but she soon gets over it and her and Rebecca hit it off…and before long ol’ Becky has convinced our old ass […]

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