The History of Zombie Gaming

evil_dead_zombieWe are going to start this section off with the surprising historical background of zombie genre games. Zombie games started popping up as early as 1984 based on the movie The Evil Dead for the Commodore 64 & ZX Spectrum. The Evil Dead was not a true zombie film per se, it leaned more toward demons. BUT they did have zombies! The image below is proof!


Zombie_ZombieAnother early zombie game released in 1984 was called Zombie Zombie for again the ZX Spectrum, these folks seemed to be onto something! This game put the player in a city that was swarming with undead, which they had to lure off structures. Hmmm that one sounded fun…..

zombiThis little gem from 1986 called Zombi released for quite a few platforms: Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, Commodore 64, Commodore Plus/4 & ZX Spectrum. A graphic adventure inspired by the cult classic film Dawn of the Dead, In which a group of survivors is forced to land their helicopter atop a zombie infested mall to refuel so they can escape.


We’ll finish up today with this beauty in 1989 Sweet Home, only released in Japan sadly enough. This game is widely perceived as the original game in the survival horror video game genre.



Though a role-playing game Sweet Home served as the main inspiration for the blockbuster survival horror game series Resident Evil.

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