Days Of The Dead Convention 2014

Days Of The Dead I spent this past weekend surrounded by horror celebrities, fans, and vendors at the Days Of The Dead Atlanta Convention. I met so many amazing people. I arrived early Friday night and by the time I checked into the hotel a lot of the crowd had cleared out so I actually got to spend a little time talking to some celebrities and to some of the vendors. The had a weekend was packed full of events, several contests over the weekend, including a tattoo contest, makeup contest and costume contests. there were several panels, VIP meet and greets,  an “Evening with Damien Echols”  (which was fascinating), parties and so much more. The place was full of fans in the costume of their favorite horror characters and everyone was having such a great time.

Days of the Dead 2014

My favorite two celebrities I met this past weekend were Sid Haig and Chandler Riggs . Sid Haig (The Devils Rejects) is such a nice guy and so funny! He talks just like he does in his movies, cursing frequently but for some reason it only added to his charm. Meeting most celebrities, I act as if they’re any normal person but I will admit I went a little “Fan Girl” on Sid. I couldn’t help but giggle as he talked to me and told me stories. Of course I got an autograph and a picture with him. I even let out a giggle when he pulled me close for a picture.

Days of the Dead

Chandler Riggs (Carl from The Walking Dead) is just a sweet heart. It was crazy to be looking at this  kid I see fighting Walkers every Sunday, and here he is in front of me signing a picture. He was so excited when I gave him one of our shirts. Until then it didn’t sink in that this talented actor really is just a kid. He is already such a gifted actor at 14. I can’t wait to see him in the next episode of The Walking Dead.

Even though the convention is only a few years old, it’s  on the right track to grow into something huge. I would highly recommend The Days Of The Dead to any horror lover. All in all it was an awesome weekend ( except for the Atlanta traffic) . I look forward to doing it all again next year at The Days of The Dead Atlanta Convention.