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Clowning Around, An Interview With Circus Envy

 While at the Days of the Dead Convention a few weeks ago I came upon a section of space dressed as a twisted circus and Freak Show. Sitting in a large chair was a clown straight out of my nightmares. He had a mouth full of sharp pointed teeth and looked like he was part demon from Hell.  He had a crowd of scantly clad female clowns dotting on him. My first thought?  “Clowns from Hell”.It turns out this scary creature is a very nice guy and funny too. When I got back to my room I did a search on Circus Envy. I found his YouTube channel and spend the rest of the night laughing,they were so funny. Even though I maybe new to the Horror Convention Scene, he is not. He has quite a following and hosts events regularly. I know Clowns can be scary but Circus Envy, is one you will want to know. So for those of you hearing of Circus Envy for the first time and those of you who are already fans, here’s your chance to get to know him a little better. Circus Envy was kind enough to let me ask him a few questions.

* “How did you become Circus Envy?”ce1

CE “There are a million factual ways to answer that questions but I’ll go with this one….I found a person that embodies my polar opposite..extroversion, indulge and all things and I was hooked.”

* “How did you become involved in the world of Horror?”
CE “I inherited it through my older brother who worked haunted houses and terrified me throughout my childhood with a CPR dummy.”

* “What was it like being the host for the Days of the Dead Atlanta Convention?”
CE “It is a great honor.I originally traveled the East coast going to horror conventions until I convinced promoter Bill Philputt that Atlanta would be a good market with large horror venues and themed events, like Netherworld,the Little Five Points Parade,Splatter Cinema, ect.”

* “What movies have you been involved with?”
CE “I have only directly been involved with Halloween 2 (an extra in the “Phantom Jam” party scene), and collaborated with SyFy’s “Monster Man” Cleve Hall on a clown concept that is a derivative version of my makeup for a movie called “Zombificador” but I am not sure when that it will be in production. The show “The Originals” has one of my Circus Envy Voodoo dolls in the shop set.

* “You have a cult following of your YouTube videos. Which one is your favorite?
I love “Blind date with a southern Baptist” personally.
CE “A Blind Date with a Southern Baptist” and “Last Man On Earth”.The part where Luby-Jean flails about speaking in tongues still cracks me up.

* “What projects do you have going on now?”
CE “This has been a productive year. I am writing a pitch for a reality series that explores the interrelationships with me and my family. My nephew Derek (the Brad Pitt/Vampire Louis look-a-like) and Branden and my niece Brittani. None of the rest of my family seem to really appreciate my creative efforts the way that these three do. I have a full time day job in the litigation field and I am trying to help launch a non-profit art gallery. I have a full plate but I am grateful every day that I am able to do something creative and fulfilling instead of trudging through work with no passion or connection to my
personal aspirations. I think it would be a great show for viewers to see the challenges we face with financial limitation, social anxiety and all the other quirky stuff that only happens to me.Plus I know the most awesome people in the world and I think the general public would love these people as much as I do.

* “What Horror movie icon inspires you the most?”
CE “I admire Sid Haig because of his persistence. This veteran actor that has been in the industry for over fifty years. Only recently has he begun gaining mainstream attention. His story inspires me. Anne Rice was a huge influence from a literary perspective. Memnoch The Devil really challenged my whole perception of good and evil. Memnock was an ambiguous trickster.

He was a character that challenged people to think and I hope to have as profound an influence on people as that particular book had on me. Again, I admire many different people for many different reasons. I admire Roy Wooley because it’s a great to see success strike so close to home.

* “What is your favorite Zombie movie?

CE “Wes Craven’s The Serpent and the Rainbow. It is based on a true story and accounts for a rare occurrence when science validates what was thought to be only mythological.

* “What is your schedule for up coming appearances?
CE “I am considering Full Moon in Nashville. There’s also a Zombie Event in late March I may go to as well. Biter Bash
has asked me to come in July… that’s all that’s on the calender so far.

Circus Envy is not only a creepy clown.He is a great event host and entertainer, he is also a profound thinker, creative and a great guy. It was a pleasure getting to know him. Make sure to check out his YouTube videos, his pages and go meet him at one of the great events he will be at!Pick up one of his famous Voodoo dolls if you get chance!

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