Attack of the Dolldrums


I was never a “girly girl” and I never was into dolls. So for me to be excited about a doll is a big deal, and
I am excited now. I recently stumbled across the most adorable, slightly dark dolls called Dolldrums . These dolls are the creation of Australian artist Kylie Dexter. Dolldrums have been featured in international galleries and published in ADQ Magazine, Doll Collector Magazine and  exhibited in the “For the Love of Dolls” exhibition in Canada.

The best part about the Dolldrums is that no two are identical  and custom Dolldrums can be ordered to resemble a person of your choice. They are simply adorable, a little creepy and the perfect addition to any collection.





These dolls have  heads and arms made of wool. A process called “needle felting” gives these dolls their soft look. They have large acrylic eyes that add to their cuteness. Each outfit is hand sewn for each doll which stands at 11 inches tall. Custom objects like dolls and pets are hand sculpted and added to each doll.

You can find these dark little cuties on the Dolldrums website, on Etsy,  follow Dolldrums on Twitter and FaceBook. Order your own Dolldrum today!