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“Acting Dead” The Web Series

Acting Dead Web Series

April 22, 2014 a new zombie series comes to a computer near you. Acting Dead, promises to be a show that will leave you hungry for more. You can catch the show at Not only is the show well written, they also have a talented well known cast. I am expecting big things from this show.

I had the privilege of interviewing the show’s creator and who better to tell us more about the show than the man himself,  Brian Beacock.

Brian Beacock and Deborah Gibson


*How did the show come to be?

BB- “The 405  Freeway. For those of you who live in L.A., you know how awful it is. I looked around at all these people just sitting in their cars, zombies, and I thought to myself, “what if they were zombies? But there in L.A., so of course they’d probably be actors. Everyone’s an actor in L.A. So most likely, they’re on their way to an audition… maybe to play a zombie. And what if they didn’t get the role cause they weren’t “dead enough” or “scary enough”, ect? This was the beginning of this crazy “fish out of water”, zombie comedy story.”

*You are also playing Tate in the series, can you tell us tell us more about your character?

BB- “Yes, I play Tate Blodgett. He is definitely a person the “world happens to”. It’s a zombie “out of water” story. He’s an actor, but not really a good actor. Can’t get a job, even playing a zombie. So he takes his life in his own hands, literally, and goes to a company, Flatline Inc. (run by Carolyn Hennesy) that can turn him into an authentic, real, brain eating, cast-able zombie. Course they have to kill him. But hey, that’s showbiz. Trouble is, in L.A. being a zombie isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and life isn’t any easier once you’re dead.”

*Tell us about the show.

BB- “It’s funny. At least, I hope, it’s funny. It’s certainly “weird”. Haha. I think it’s a different look at the horror genre that we haven’t really seen before, or in quite this same way. You think “Zombies”, and a certain idea of what you’re going to see comes to mind. Then you hear that it’s (the show)  a zombie comedy, shot in the style of Parks and Recreations and Arrested Development … and hopefully that peaks your interest and that makes you want to see what that’s all about. They’re going to see some amazing talent on the screen. Some fresh new takes on the horror genre, a couple of brain-chomps of course, and I think the audience will grab on to these characters. Jillian Clare is absolutely hysterical as Alex, but she’s also relatable and interesting and layered. Our cast is amazing! Singing super star Debbie Gibson plays a run down diner waitress who’s hysterical. From the Soap Opera world we have John J. Yorco k and Eric Martsolf and Sean Kanan.  From Disney’s Jessie we’ve got heart throb Chris Galya. From family Guy – Lori Alan, Cocoa Brown from “Single Mom’s Club”, from True Blood and Cougar Town – Carolyn Hennesy, and of course my co-star Jillian Clare.”

The Cast of Acting Dead

*What is it like filming a zombie comedy?

BB- “Lots of  makeup and costume issues firstly. Contact lenses, brains and blood. Haha. Fortunately because it’s a comedy, there wasn’t tons of gore, but when we had to have a brain-chomp, let me tell you, movie blood is SO gross! It’s really really sweet and doesn’t taste like anything I’ve ever tasted before. That combined with some beef jerky… yikes. I think our background actors really liked working on the show though, it was so different from a regular shoot. You know, show up in “business attire at a family beach party”, ect.  This was “come with close you can destroy’ haha and we did.”

*I see you have worked on so many different projects and in so many different areas. What are some of your favorite projects?

BB- “I really started my professional career in the National Tour cast of Les Miserables  back in San Francisco. After that I came to L.A. and started the whole “TV-Film” thing. I’ve also been doing voice over work for the past 20 years, working on shows like Naruto, Bleach, Digimon, ect. And that has taken me all over the world. My first webseries I created with my writing partner John Yelvington is “McCracken Live” and it did and is doing, really well. WE were chosen by the Marseille Webfest to come to France in 2011 to participate in Europe’s first ever web series festival. Very exciting. We’re now pitching that show to try and get it developed for television. So all in all, I’d say I’ve had, and continue to have a very diverse, weird career.  Which is awesome. wouldn’t have it any other way.”

*How was your experience on the Conan O’Brian show?

BB- “Ah Conan O’Brian show. What a trip that was. I was in a musical about Guns and Roses (I played Axel Rose) Called “White Trash Wins Lotto” and we played the Roxy several times. Conan had also seen us at the Aspen  Comedy Festival and the show so he asked us to be the featured musical guest. It’s an amazing little TV Spot I got. ( you can find it on my page on YouTube)

We were in New York performing at the New York Comedy Festival at P.S. 122 that week and we just took a break from rehearsals and headed over to the studio to shoot. It was surreal. I remember sitting on the street curb afterwards that night, eating a hamburger with the creator Andy Prieboy and he looks over to and says “Feels pretty good, huh?” That said it all. It was definitely a time I will never forget.”

* It has become a tradition for me to ask everyone I interview this question. What is your favorite zombie movie?

BB- “Hands down, Shaun of the Dead. It’s different, irreverent, scary moment, brilliant writing and acting and the camera work is stellar and it has a personality of it’s own. Course I Love all the traditional flicks as well, Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead,ect. But Shaun of the Dead is my kind of horror.”

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