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6-13 A Friday The 13th Trivia Book


Gene DeRosa, author of 6-13 A Friday the 13th Trivia Book, was kind enough to give few minutes to of his time to ask him about his in depth documentation of The Friday the 13th trivia and his love of horror movies. The book’s forward was written by none other than Ari Lehman, the first Jason. The book includes everything from detailed information of kills, locations, weapons, cast trivia and much, much more. I sat down and read 6-13 this weekend. The amount of detail in this book is incredible. Every true fan of horror needs to read this book.

613 book

CM “Where did you get the title of the book, 6-13?”

GD “6-13 is Jason’s birthday.”

CM “What inspired you to write 6-13?”

GD “Friday the 13th was the first horror movie I ever watched. I was almost 10. We had just gotten cable and it was on. I was terrified but from then on, I was hooked on horror.”

CM “Why write the book when you did?”

GD “I love trivia, I even met my wife on a trivia site. A friend and I were talking about doing a trivia book but it would be a while before they could commit to it. I decided to go ahead and do a book and what better place to start than where my love for horror began, with Friday The 13th.”

CM “How did you find the trivia in your book?”

GD “By watching every Friday The 13th movie, like a dozen times and replaying some scenes many more times.

CM “How long did the process take?”

GD “I would say it was about 3 months, but I was working on it for anywhere from 8-12 hours almost everyday. Either watching the movies, reading different websites and finding those websites. Then it was about another month laying it all out and editing it. Then submitting it to Amazon. Having to tweak it about 6 times before it was just right and ready to be published as you see it.

CM “Tell us about the book’s forward.”

GD “The forward is written by Ari Lehman, the first Jason.”


Ari Lehman

The first Jason

CM “Can you tell us a little about Ari?”

GD “Ari played the young Jason at 14. In the first movie young Jason drowns. In the last scene you see young Jason jump up out of the water and grab a counselor and drags her under . That was Ari. Ari now attends a lot of the Cons. He also tours with his band “First Jason” all over the U.S. and Europe. He signs some of our merchandise like the book and  Jason Masks ( which are made by Elite Stone Replicas) which can be bought on our website.”

GD ” We will both be at Wizard World Comic Con in Tulsa. ”

CM “What’s next for you?”

GD ” A Halloween trivia book will be next.. I plan to do Nightmare on Elm Street book as well.  I plan to continue the series with horror trivia books for a while.



Douglas Tait

Jason in Freddy Vs. Jason

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Here’s a little sample of 6-13 :

Which character is first seen wearing the hockey mask that would eventually be made famous by Jason Voorhees?

What magazine does Debbie read while waiting for Andy to return in Friday The 13th Part 3?

Weapons used in Friday The 13th : axe handle, fire poker, guitar, knitting needle, machete….


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Douglas Tait “The Creature Man”


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We will be posting Gene, Ari and Douglas’s event appearances.






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