Douglas Tait “The Creature Man”


You may not be aware, but you have seen Douglas Tait many times in many blockbuster movies, shows and commercials . Douglas is a talented actor, stuntman and award winning Producer and filmmaker. His ability to truly take on the persona of the character or creature he is playing, is unbelievable.  Douglas has  played a long list of creatures including Verlox on ABC’s The Quest, Jason Vorhees in Freddy Vs Jason, multiple Wesen on the series Grimm and the list goes on. There is a good reason why he has earned the nickname “The Creature Man”.


Douglas’ talents reach beyond his roles as a creature actor. He was the Executive Producer of the award winning short film “In the Name of Freedom” . The movie tells the story of a female American soldier captured in Iraq. The short film won several awards including  “Los Angeles Women’s International Latino Film Festival.

CM “What made you want to become an actor?”

DT ” I enjoyed performing all my life, and when I realized I wasn’t good enough to be an NBA basketball player, my dream shifted to acting. Little did I know the years of struggle I would go through to get where I am at now.”

CM “Did playing Frankenstein for Universal Studios Hollywood as a teenager influence your desire to be a creature actor?”

DT “I never thought or even imagined there was such a thing as a Creature Actor. I was pursuing a career as a serious actor, and then small things would come up in makeup that I was recommended for. It was my working at Universal playing characters that led to other gigs in makeup. I didn’t think of it as a career back then, I just thought it was fun, and I made money to pay my bills while I was pursuing acting.”

CM “Tell us about your first movie role.”

DT “My first movie role was as Jason in the climax of Freddy Vs Jason. Up until that point I had only done commercials and small parts on television shows.”

CM “You have played so many iconic creatures. If you had to choose a favorite which role would it be and why?”

DT “My favorite role to date is Verlox on the ABC show The Quest. It was such an amazing experiencing to have the freedom to to explore my character Verlox, and the two other characters I play on the new series. We shot in Austria and I worked with my friend Mike Elizalde who owns Spectral Motion. Spectral did the Fx on the show and they do amazing work. ”

CM “What was it like to play such a  character as famous as Jason in Freddy vs. Jason?”

DT “It was an amazing experience getting to work with Robert Englund and to play such a well known character. I wish I could have done the whole movie as Jason, but I’m still glad to be part of the Friday The 13th family.”

CM “You produced and starred in Jack The Reaper, What was that experience like?”

DT “It was great, I brought my buddy, Fx artist Barney Burman on the project. We worked together on Star Trek. It was nice bringing friends on the film as a Producer, and working with Tony Todd.”

CM “You are starring in the show The Quest on ABC. Please tell us about your character.”


DT “My character Verlox is the Villain of the series. He is a bad dude who has caused alot of chaos in a once peaceful land. It was an extremely fun character to play, and the series leads up to Verlox. Whoever is reading this be sure to tune in to The Quest, Thursdays 8/7c on ABC to see Verlox in action.”

ABC The Quest Reality TV Show

CM “Besides The Quest, are you working on any other projects right now?”

DT “I recently finished a lead role on a Horror Film called Havenhurst. It’s from the Producer of Saw and Texas Chainsaw 3D, and it’s sure going to be a scary one. I’m also working on the tv series Sleepy Hollow.”


CM “What is your favorite part about playing creature characters?”

DT “I enjoy playing characters so opposite of a human and myself. When I get into makeup I am completely immersed in my character. It’s so much fun to play such a wide variety of characters. I have also had opportunities to return to the same show in a different role. That would never happen if I wasn’t in makeup.”

CM “In all, how many movies and shows have you been in?”

DT “That’s a good question, you can find out by visiting my imdb page: http://www.imdb.me/douglastait .”


CM “What is your favorite zombie movie and why?”

DT “George Romero’s Night Of The Living Dead: the original film is just as chilling as
anything that has come from the zombie genre since. I saw it when I was a teen, and
it has influenced every zombie film to date. This movie forces you to think about
every possible escape route in your house, and It still hold up to this day.”

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/DouglasTait

Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/Thecreatureman

Instagram: http://instagram.com/thecreatureman


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