An Interview With Oklahoma Ward and Nicole Alonso Of The Crawl Or Die Trilogy



A virus has plagued earth, leaving all women infertile, except for one. A group of security personnel are tasked with keeping her safe. Things are bad, but they are about to get much worse.With an alien after the team, they are forced to seek refuge in an under ground system of tunnels, and  the ammo is running low and the tunnels are getting smaller.

Crawl or Die, written and directed by Oklahoma Ward and staring Nicole Alonso is taking the horror scene by storm. Fans are loving this small budget movie . Oklahoma has done an amazing job with the movie and Nicole truly brings her badass character(Tank) to life. Much of the movie is shot in tunnels that grow smaller by each second leaving the viewer with a panicked, claustrophobic feeling, but in a good way. Tank is a character with heart, determination and the will to survive.




It’s rare these days to find a film with an honest to God female heroine. Nicole Alonso’s character Tank brings the toughness and determination of a hero while remaining feminine and realistic, as well as looking gorgeous while crawling through dirt and grime filled tunnels.


Oklahoma and Nicole were kind enough to allow me to interview them about their movie and their new found popularity and I would like to share what they had to say with you.


KM “Oklahoma, how did you become involved in the entertainment industry?”

OW “I love movies, always have. I had no connections in the industry. One day I decided that if I was going to work my ass off for a little amount of money, why not work my ass off making films for a little amount of money. I met Peter Brodrick and he watched my first film (The Isolation of Subject #136) and agreed to guide me.”


KM ” Your latest film Crawl Or Die has recently been released in the U.S. is receiving great reviews and already has a following in Japan. How does it feel for the film to be doing so well?”

OW “Grateful, humble. You dream of finding a bigger audience. It’s the greatest feeling in the world. It makes it all worth it. It is an overwhelming feeling.


KM “How did the story line of Crawl Or Die come to be? What was your inspiration?

OW “I love movies. Aliens, Ridley Scott. I love the decent into small spaces. Horror has a problem with cell phones. You can call for help and I didn’t want that to be possible. I wanted to do something I haven’t seen before. I wondered, in a tunnel, could you keep an audience interested. I wanted to see if I could do it.


KM “What was it like over coming the challenges of making such a great film on such a small budget?”

OW “The difference between a Hollywood movie with a small budget and an Indie film with no budget is about 3 million dollars. The real difference is time. If you don’t have the money to hire people then you have to do it all yourself which takes longer, but we didn’t mind because we loved what we were doing.”


KM “Why change the name (originally titled “Crawl Bitch Crawl”)  before release?

OW “Major platforms would not sell the movie with out changing it. The original name was not meant to insult anyone, but we had to change it.”


KM “Have you chosen your next project?”

OW “We have a comic book coming out in a few weeks. The first Crawl Or Die is meant to be an introduction to Tank. We will be working on the sequel next. Then we plan to make a drama and then we will make the last movie in the Crawl Or Die trilogy.”


KM “When will the sequel be released?”

OW “We’re hoping for this time next year.”


KM “Nicole, where did you draw your inspiration for your character Tank ?”

NA “Oklahoma gave me a list of movies to watch, Alien, Terminator, Domino, High Tension. I found influence from the  female characters that were tough but still showing a venerable side and were still feminine.”


KM “How does it make you feel to be getting such a response from female fans?”

NA “It’s my favorite part of this side of the release. I want them to be able to relate and connect to Tank. I’m happy to know that I accomplished this with this role and that women get it. It’s amazing”


KM “You were put though a lot of physically demanding challenges during filming . Can you tell us a little about it?”

NA ” It was extremely challenging. I’m not claustrophobic but in the tunnels it was mentally and physical challenging. I had bumps and bruises. There were scorpions in the tunnels. I would be in there for hours. Oklahoma had to bring me sandwiches down there. It was all worth it.”


KM “Oklahoma, you and Nicole are a true team. Besides playing Tank how else was she involved with the movie?

OW “She is a true 50% partner. It could not have been done without her. She was involved in sound, most of the music, negotiations, costumes.”


KM “One last question. What is your favorite zombie movie?”

NA “28 Days Later. The series just felt so real”

OW “Mine would be Night Of The Living Dead. I watch it at least once a year. It’s Brilliant.”



Daiju Kurabayashi will be the artist behind the Crawl Or Die comic book series that will be out in three weeks. Oklahoma has given us a few sketches from the comic book to share with you, some never before seen.




I am eagerly waiting to see what else comes from this incredible duo. I think we will see fantastic things from them in the near future. You can catch Crawl Or Die at your local Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Best Buy and online on Amazon and iTunes. I strongly recommend you pick up a copy or rent it today.

We will keep you updated about appearances and events and Crawl Or Die news.crawl9


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