Interview With Stunt Actor, Jack Sansone

js2We all love to watch tv and movies and it’s not hard to spot the celebrities that star in them every where we go but all to often we over look the other people that make those shows and movies possible. The people who work so hard to make sure we are entertained, like the people who create the sets, the costume designers, prop makers and last but not least, the stunt men and women who bring the action to life. I love hearing about their stories and roles in the entertainment industry.


Yesterday I had the pleasure of  talking with Jack Sansone, a talented stunt man . He was kind enough to answer a few questions. Jack has many roles in movies and shows, odds are you’ve seen him and did not realize it. Some of his roles include scenes in Guillermo del Toro’s The Strain, Lost Girl, RoboCop. Pompeii and many more.



CM “When and why did you decide to become a stunt man?”

JS “When I finished Kickboxing I was looking for something to do and a way to pay the bills. I found an ad in the paper calling for background actors and stunt men. I watched the stunt men and said, “Hey, I can do that”, so I decided to take more training.”

CM “Can you tell us a little about your training?”

JS “I’ve taken a lot of acting classes and courses in High Falls, Gun combat, Stage Combat. I am the Former Canadian Kickboxing Champion (5 years). I have trained in Muay Thai, Savate Kickboxing, Shoot FightingAugust 24th 003 and Mixed Martial arts.”

CM “What stunts makes you the most nervous to perform?”

JS “I don’t like heights.  I played the lead role/stunt man, Jason Stark in The Stunt Spectacular at the Paramount Parks  show. I had to take a 30 foot fall off of a building 4 times a day, 4 days a week for 6 months in front of several thousand people (each day). I was on a motorcycle, it drove through an exploding wall and off the building and then had get up and fight. The heights issue was not to bad, it happens really fast. but after a while landing hard really works on you physically.”


CM “What goes through your mind when you’re falling off a building?”

JS ” It happens fast. You have to land a certain way to keep from getting hurt. So, you have to think about that. ‘

CM “What scene has made you the most nervous, so far?”

JS “The scene that has made me the most nervous was when filming RoboCop. There were several of us shooting in a dark room. We spent a lot of rounds. It was dark and loud. When Robo Cop shot me he was really close. Working with guns is always dangerous. Even with blanks there’s a chance of getting hurt. You have to shoot at a certain angle so that it looks like you’re aiming at someone but you actually aren’t. There is always an officer or member of SWAT there making sure you are staying safe.”


CM “What is your favorite stunt to perform?”

JS “I love doing fighting scenes. Getting beaten up is pretty awesome. I love makeup and prosthetics. That was my favorite part of working on The Strain. In The Returned (now on Netflix) I played the soldier strapped to a table going through the different phases of becoming a zombie. I was on several episodes of Lost Girl. I played Lachlan’s guard.”


CM “Do you ever get hurt?”

JS ” I get a lot of bumps and bruises. In Pompeii a man playing a Roman soldier accidentally broke three of my ribs. I had to come back three weeks later and keep working. With broken ribs, you can’t sneeze, cough or get comfortable. Broken ribs are painful.”

CM “How does it feel to see yourself on tv?”

JS “My family and friends get really excited. After being on set all day and doing the scene several times, it becomes job.”


CM “What advice would you give someone thinking of becoming a stunt man/woman ?”

JS “Be persistent. Lots of nepotism. It takes time. Be well rounded. Study fight scenes, learn camera angles. Learn to hit the ground hard. Be safe.”

CM “Ok, what is your favorite zombie movie?”

JS “The Walking Dead comics and tv show are one of my all time favorites. I really like Zombieland and actually Warm Bodies was surprisingly good. The Zombie love story in Warm Bodies was brilliant. ”


Here are just a few of the shows and movies Jack has worked on.


The Strain






The Returned

Beauty and the Beast









Mortal Instrument



Lost Girl







The Rivals

Psychic Investigators

Quarter Life Crisis


The Visits



Twitter: @JackSansone

FaceBook:  https://www.facebook.com/jack.sansone

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2807410/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1



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