Movie Review: The Possesion Of Michael King (2014)



The movie opens with a touching scene of a family picnic. In the next scene we learn of the death of Michael’s wife. Out of  frustration he sets out to make a documentary to prove that supernatural beings (God, the Devil ect…) don’t exist. Michael and his friend/cameraman meet with fortune tellers, Demonologist, priests and other people to experiment with the rights and rituals of different faiths.


After a ceremony performed by a couple who double as kinky Demonologists, things begin to get weird for Michael when he starts hearing static and seeing things. Things continue to go down hill and he only has one goal, to protect his young daughter from the demon’s reach.


Shane Johnson plays Michael in this flick and he does an absolutely fantastic job! The Special FX for The Possession Of Michael King were done by the company Locktix ,they did an incredible job. The FX and props were so realistic that I actually caught myself cringing a couple of times, which is rare for a hard core horror movie addict like myself.

I really enjoyed the movie and would recommend it. The Possession Of Michael King can be found at Wal-Mart,, iTunes and is now available on Netflix DVD . So, rent it or buy it and let me know what you think.

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