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Movie Review: Godzilla (2014)

Run! It’s Godzilla! Sorry, I couldn’t resist. The latest Godzilla movie is directed by Gareth Edwards, who also directed 2010’s Monsters. The movie has a wonderful cast, including Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Kick Ass 1 and 2) and Ken Watanabe (The Last Samurai) , just to name a few.   The story is that of a soldier who is […]

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Movie Review: Wolves

A teenage boy named Cayden starts to experience strange blackouts, enhanced strength and speed. Oh, and he’s turning into a werewolf.  One day, after a blackout out he wakes up to find he’s killed his parents and attacked his girlfriend. He flees before the police arrive. A few scenes later Cayden is in a bar  when meets a mysterious one eyed stranger, […]

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Zombie Event Raided By Armed Police

A group of on lookers witnessed a group of people being forced into a van by armed men and called the Brighton Police Department to report the kidnapping on Sunday at 8:45pm . Soon the location was swarmed by officers with loaded weapons prepared to handle the situation as an act of terrorism. It took a while for the company’s staff to […]

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