Movie Review : As Above So Below (2014)



As Above, So Below stars Perdita Weeks (Prowl), who plays the head strong lead Scarlett. Ben Feldman (Cloverfield) plays George, the friend duped into helping Scarlett on her quest. Edwin Hodge plays Benji, Scarlett’s cameraman. Rosemary’s Baby actor Francois Civil’s character Papillon is the group’s guide through the catacombs. Marion Lambert and Ali Marhyar also star in the film.

John Erick Dowdle directed this supernatural horror. Dowdle also directed Quarantine (2008) and Devil (2010). As Above, So Below was written by John Erick Dowdle and Drew Dowdle.


Warning! Major spoilers! The movie started out well enough, a young woman trying to solve a mystery of a puzzle that leads to the location of a treasure. The woman’s father had been searching for the treasure before his death and she wants to finish his life’s work. With the help of a friend and a camera man they seek out a man who can take them through the catacombs of Paris. With their team put together they head down into the catacombs.


After they find a hidden chamber three of their team members trigger a trap and an avalanche blocks their way back. They must now travel down to find a way out.


Honestly after all the hype, I was disappointed by the movie. The writers had a good idea but it was lost somewhere between the script and DVD. To begin with the reasoning behind the name of the film is barley explored. The character’s statements and the actual actions contradict themselves. Half way through the movie supernatural things begin to happen that make zero sense and do not fit the story, like statues coming to life. One major part of the story is that characters were supposed to be rectifying something from their past but that scene took all of 3 minutes. To much time was used showing them walking or climbing. There was not enough time explaining or showing what or why things were happening. If the director meant for you to feel lost and turned around, he accomplished it. The characters were running back and forth with lights flickering so you could not really tell where they were and the extremely shaky camera work left me slightly dizzy. I felt like part of the story was left out and filler of exploring added to make the time. The actors themselves did a pretty good job. I think that the movie just did not come together well but feel free to judge for yourself.



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