The Best Horror Movies Of 2014

2014 was a good year for the horror genre. Here’s a list of the best movies of 2014. Check our list to make sure you didn’t miss out on a good horror movie.



A cursed mirror consumed the parents of two childen many years ago. The daughter makes a vow to document and destroy the mirror. When her brother is released for the mental institution, she decides it’s the perfect time for them to end the mirrors dark reign together.

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The Sacrament

Ti West’s film based on the true story of Jones Town is amazing. The movie is so realistic you forget that you’re watching a film and not a real documentary. The story of Jim Jones and his cult is heartbreaking. Jones convinced his entire flock to commit mass suicide by drinking poisoned kool-aid.



Dead Snow 2 Red vs Dead

This sequel to the 2009 Dead Snow mixes zombies, gore and dark comedy. In the first movie a man loses his arm trying to escape Nazi zombies but after a car accident an arm is reattached. The problem is it’s not his arm, it’s the Nazi zombie leader’s and it has power.  This movie is fantastic. Its a must see for zombie fans!

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The Babadook

After a mother and son find a strange pop-up book in their home. After they make the mistake of reading the book strange things begin to happen. You can’t get away from the Babadook.

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The Woman In Black 2: Angel of Death

The sequel picks up 40 years after The Woman In Black (2012). During WWII a group of children are evacuated from London. They are brought to the rural Marsh House. The Lady in black will not rest until she claims an innocent soul.

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Daniel Radcliff stars in this movie about a young man who loses his girlfriend to a mysterious death. One day he wakes up to find horns sprouting from his head. The horns have special powers, people must tell him the truth and do what ever he commads they must do.




This is not you average werewolf movie. Jason Mamoa plays the role of the pack leader.  The werewolves in this movie have the look of the original wolfman.

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On a trip to the lake a group of young people encounter zombie beavers . That’s right, I said zombie beavers. This horror-comedy is worth watching. I mean they have zombie beavers for God’s sake. Who wouldn’t want to see that?



The Town That Dreaded Sundown

65 years after a serial killer terrorized a small town murders begin to start back with the same M.O. Could it be a copy cat or something much worse?


As Above So Below

A woman is on a mission to finish her father’s life work. Her journey has led her, a friend and her camera man to the catacombs of Paris. Things soon get very complicated.

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Annabelle is a possessed doll that made it’s first appearance in The Conjuring. This movie focuses on her origin story. I find few things are creepier than dolls. It is definitely a must see.




After the mysterious death of a young woman, a group of her friends get together and decide to reach out to her in the spirit world via the Ouija board she frequently used. When messing with the spirit world bad things can happen, the group soon finds out just how bad things can get.



Deliver Us From Evil

After a strange domestic disturbance call a cop begins to notice strange things. Soon the cop teams up with a priest to fight the evil that is possessing people. I would recommend seeing Deliver Us From Evil.

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After a tragic car accident a young woman s left in a wheel chair. She turns to her estranged father for care. On the first nigt in the house she begins seeing haunting images. Voodoo and secrets fill this supernatural thriller.

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On a trip two friends go to a party that will forever change their life. One friend shares a night with a mysterious woman. Soon he discovers he now can scale buildings and has supper strength. He also begins to learn of the drawbacks of his new gift.



The Possession Of Michael King

After his wife’s death a documentary film maker sets out to prove or disprove life after death.

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Cabin Fever: Patient Zero

Patient Zero is the prequel to Eli Roth’s Cabin Fever franchise. On a trip to a deserted island to have a bachelor party celebration a group of young people discover that the waters around the island are full of dead fish. When two of the group suddenly become ill, the friends search the island. They discover a research facility ravaged by the same disease.



Sharknado  2

This follow up to the SyFy channel’s 2013 hit Sharknado. Tornadoes are deadly but when you add live vicious sharks things get very bad. Ok, this movie is cheesy but sometimes cheesy can be awesome! Sharknado’s original main cast of Ian Ziering and Tara Reid carry through to the sequel. The movie has a ton of celebrity cameos.




Kevin Smith’s movie Tusk is about a blogger who visits a man for an interview. After being drugged he wakes up altered by very disturbed man. Justin Long plays the role of the blogger, Wallace .



Dracula Untold

This is not a tale of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. This horror-fantasy focuses more on the stories of Vlad the Impaler. Luke Evans pays the role of Dracula.



The Purge: Anarchy

This sequel to the 2013 hit revolves around a man bent on revenge. He is held up after helping a mother and daughter and a couple escape a vicious group of murders.



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