Movie Review: ‘Crying Wolf’

cw2 ‘Crying Wolf’ begins in a small English village named Deddington, a town that frequently experiences strange happenings. After the brutal death of a local woman is blamed on a rabid creature, two hunters on a mission of revenge arrive under cover as camping guides. A group of friends have hired the guides to take them camping, not knowing their secret of being a pack of werewolves is known. On their way to the camp site they pick up two hitchhikers and one of the group’s step sister. Tensions run high and things are about to get wild. cw1 ‘Crying Wolf’ is a great British indie horror-comedy. The movie is well written and well executed. The special effects were great and the dialogue is witty . The movie has a little bit of a campy feel, but in a good way. ‘Crying Wolf’ has a story line we have not seen before and let’s face it, that’s rare these days. I would recommend ‘Crying Wolf’ to any werewolf fan. cw4 ‘Crying Wolf’ was written by Andy Davie, Michael Dale, and Tony Jopia, who also directed the movie. The Alpha wolf,  was played by Gabriela Hersham (Gypsy). The other pack members includes: Kristofer Dayne (‘Going Home’), Rosie Pearson (‘Razzle Dazzle’), Ian Donnelly (‘Deadtime’), Kimberly Jaraj (‘Knife Edge’), David Sellicks (‘The Zombie King’), Roger Pinkham and Hugh Edwards (‘Apocalypse’). The hunters were played by Guy Mannerings (‘Kingsman’) and Marco Radice (‘Dark Soulmate’). cw3 For a howling good time please visit ‘Crying Wolf’ online.

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