‘The Strangers 2’ Is Finally In Production

It seems that the sequel to the 2008 horror movie ‘The Strangers’ is finally coming.

strangers 1

In the first movie a couple spends the night at a secluded house that belongs to their friends. The couple comes under attack from three masked assailants and they struggle to survive. As if the story couldn’t get scarier, the movie is based on a true story.

‘The Strangers 2’ will be directed by Macel Langenegger, who also directed Deception. The screenplay is being written by Bryan Bertino. Bertino also wrote the screenplay for the first movie.

In the sequel, after financial issues force a family of four out of their home. Soon they must fight to survive the night in a deserted trailer park, while being hunted down by a group of three ruthless, ax-wielding maniacs. The three maniacs are the very same masked killers from the first movie.

strangers2 4

Liv Tyler, will make a brief appearance as Kristen McKay, her character from the first movie. The movie is in early development and no other cast has been announced at this point. A release date will hopefully be announced soon.

strangers 2

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