Lauren Cohan Of The Walking Dead Stars In ‘The Boy’

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Lauren Cohan plays Maggie in the TV show ‘The Walking Dead’. Cohan has had several other roles in films including: ‘Death Race 2’ (2010), Van Wilder (2006) and in the TV shows ‘Supernatural’ and ‘The Vampire Diaries’ .Cohan is now stepping into her first lead role in a movie. Cohan will be playing the lead role in the horror movie ‘The Boy’ from Lakeshore Entertainment and Vertigo Entertainment.

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‘The Boy’ follows a nanny (Cohan) that is hired to look after  an unconventional couple’s life like doll. The couple uses the doll to help them cope with the death of their son by treating the doll as if was actually their son. As if the situation wasn’t bizarre enough already, Cohan’s character soon comes to believe that the doll may be more than just life like, it might actually be alive after strange things begin to happen around the house.

The movie is being directed by William Brent Bell. Bell also directed 2012’s ‘The Devil Inside’. ‘The Boy’ was written by Stacey Menear.

The movie is in early development and will begin film in March in British Columbia. So far Lauren Cohan is the only cast member listed for the movie but we will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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