Movie Review : Starry Eyes (2014)

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‘Starry Eyes’ delves into the question “How far would you go to be a star?”. The indie film explores a dark under world of film making, where a struggling actress named Sarah, played by Alex Essoe, tries to find her fame while working at a dead end job at a crappy restaurant. Sarah finally gets the attention of one of the executives, when she has a meltdown in the ladies room after a casting call. After a strange callback, she gets an invitation to visit the producer’s home, where things get weird. She’s high on Ecstasy and on her knees in front of the producer (if you know what I’m saying),  surrounded by men in robes and black masks . At this point, things have gotten very bad for the want to be actress. As Sarah’s health begins to deteriorates drastically, she distances herself from her friends. Instead of seeking medical help she chooses another path, a very dark one.

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The duo of Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer wrote and directed ‘Starry Eyes’. Sarah’s only ‘real friend’ is played by Amanda Fuller (‘Last Man Standing’). Fabianne Therese’s character plays Erin. Danny is a want to be director that Sarah has a crush on, played by Noah Segan (‘Looper’). Shane Coffey, Natalie Castillo, Nick Simmons, Pat Healy and Maria Olson also have roles in the film. The sleazy producer is played by Louis Dezseran, who also starred in ‘The Coed And The Zombie Stoner’.

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Kolsch and Widmyer

I had heard great things about this movie. The DVD cover looked great and then I put it in the DVD player, and found out I was very misled. The first half of ‘Starry Eyes’ was slow. When it did pick up steam, it got weird, not a good weird, just weird. The movie had a some what artistic feel but the horror element felt too forced. The movie gave me the feeling that one writer/director wanted to make something artistic and the other wanted a horror movie complete with nudity, violence, and a dark theme and the two visions just collided. It was like a bad acid trip. I was not very happy with the movie. Over all it just seemed like a strange jumbled mess.

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I will say that actress Alex Essoe did well, she really was convincing in her role as Sarah.

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