Movie Review : ‘The Birthing Field’ (2014)

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When a young couple get a flat tire in the middle of nowhere they have no idea that their day is about to get much worse. They are soon at the mercy of a deranged man (Randal Wullf) and the local Sheriff (Dave Parke), who want one thing, women to provide offspring.

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‘The Birthing Field’ was written and directed by Robert Thorpe, a Veteran of the U.S. Navy. Thorpe may be a newcomer to world of film making, but he is already starting off strong. The short film (13 minutes) has begun showing, and winning, at film festivals. The film has already taken home an award for ‘The Audience Choice Award – Best Director’ in the drama category at ‘The International Film Festival Of Cinematic Arts’ in LA’ ‘The Birthing Field’ is currently awaiting acceptance at twenty more festivals.

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‘The Birthing Field’ shows little blood, gore or violence and it does not have to, the point comes across eloquently. This short film was well written and directed. The cast did a fantastic job and the on screen connection between the couple, played by David Ballam and Laura Brunkala, felt authentic. The film was intense and enjoyable.





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