Movie Review : ‘The Last House On Cemetery Lane’

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A horror screenwriter named John, played by Lee Bane, rents an old house in the country to escape the noise and distraction of the city. Upon arriving he learns that an elderly lady lives on the third floor of the house, but she never leaves her room. He decides to stay and settles in to do some writing. Every night he wakes from terrible, realistic nightmares covered in sweat and crying. And every night music drifts down from the third floor. Soon after he meets a lovely young woman (Georgina Blackledge) he begins to see shadows and finding things in odd places. Finally he is able to speak to the old lady, only to hear disturbing news.

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‘The Last House On Cemetery Lane’ was written and directed by Andrew Jones, who also wrote ¬†2103’s ‘The Amityville Asylum’.


I hate to say this, but I was not very impressed with ‘The Last House On Cemetery Lane’. The movie had a very slow pace and there was next to no action or suspense until the last five minutes of the movie and even then it was very little. The movie’s story line seemed off in some way, I can’t quite put my finger on it.¬†Both Lee Bane and Georgina Blackledge played their roles well, the movie was just left lacking.

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‘The Last House On Cemetery Lane’ is now available on DVD and Netflix Streaming.



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