‘Pumpkinhead’ To Be Raised For A Reboot

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Beginning in 1988 a four movie series was released titled ‘Pumpkinhead’ . Some of you will remember this movie, some will not. The movie was released during a great surge in the popularity in the horror genre. Now ‘Pumkinhead’ is becoming part of a new a new trend, Hollywood’s desire to reboot every horror movie they can.

When a man’s son is accidentally killed by a group of teenagers. The father raises a demon called ‘Pumpkinhead’ to get his vengeance.

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The original ‘Pumpkinhead’ starred Lance Henrikson (Aliens), among other horror greats. The movie was written by Ed Justin and Mark Patrick Carducci. Movie legend Stan Winston directed ‘Pumkinhead’.

Now Brad Krevoy, who is behind the ‘Dumb and Dumber’ franchise and who produced two of the ‘Pumpkinhead’ sequels , will be producing the new reboot. Little else is known about the plans for the reboot so far.

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