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Zombies Are Invading ‘The CW’ In The New Series ‘iZombie’

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The CW has created the new series, iZombie, an adaption of the Vertigo comic by the same name. The iZombie comic book was written by Chris Roberson with artwork by Michael Allred. The series combines zombies and a twisted sense of humor.

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Medical student Liv, played by Rose Mclver, seems some what normal even though she craves brains, she just happens to be a zombie. Liv does everything she can to hide her zombie side, unfortunately her boss Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti (Rahul Kohli) learns of her secret. Instead of turning her in, Doctor Chakrabarti sees an opportunity to study Liv.  She decides to use one of her new abilities, absorbing the memories of the brains she eats, to help the police solve murders.


‘American Gangster’ actor Malcolm Goodwin, who also has a role in the new series ‘Wayward Pines’ , plays the role of Clive Babineaux. The series also stars Molly Hagen (Beneath), Nick Purcn (Spooksville)  and Elise Gatien (50 Shades Of Grey).  They series is being directed by Rob Thomas, the director of ‘Veronica Mars’.

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iZombie premiers on the ‘CW’ on March 17, 2015.



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