Tom Savini To Remake ‘Nightmare City’


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Every time I hear “reboot” or “remake” my eyes roll so hard I fear they may pop out of my head. Let’s face it, those two words are heard to often, however when the name Tom Savini is attached to a movie, I suddenly become optimistic.

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Tom Savini is remaking the 1980 horror cult classic,’Nightmare City’.”The master of  splatter and gore”  will not only be supervising the special effects, but he will also be directing the project. The Director of the original 1980’s movie, Umberto Lenzi, will be the Associate Producer for the new version. Dean Cundey (Jurassic Park) is reportedly in negotiations to serve as  Director of Cinematography for ‘Nightmare City’.

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The cast list for the movie is already impressive, including Noah Hathaway (Sushi Girl), Judith O’Dea who stared in ‘Night Of The Living Dead’. Robert Mukes (House Of 1000 Corpses) and Dave Vescio (Hick) also have roles in the movie.


The project is running an Indiegogo campaign right now, in hopes of raising $200,000. The campaign has fantastic perks, such as shirts, comic books, for $400 you can visit the movie set and with a donation of  $1,000 you get a role in the movie.



‘Nightmare City’ will be given a modern update and a few changes. Some aspects of the movie will be based on true events.



The Synopsis for the original (1980) ‘Nightmare City’

A plane has been exposed to radiation, when it lands a group of blood thirsty, armed passengers flee the plane in search of blood. A news team escapes the airport ans try to air a warning to the public.


The synopsis for ‘Nightmare City’ 2015 :

The Miami Port Authority has received an S.O.S. from a ship that has landed in port, returning from Haiti. The ship appears to be empty then suddenly the rescue team is attacked by dozens of passengers, infected with an unkown virus. The passengers are deformed and vicious, they’re out for blood. Two newsmen watch on in horror as the group attack everyone they can. The two men return to the station to broadcast a warning but government officials stop them. The public is not aware of the virus or attacks and soon the infection begins to spread. The news team and a small group of survivors try to flee the city, but will they make it?

I will admit, I am a HUGE Tom Savini fan and this project has me very excited. We will give an update on the movie as soon as more information is available.


The 1980 trailer for ‘Nightmare City’




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