The Witch War Is Coming To ‘Salem’ In Season 2


Based in Salem, Massachusetts, a coven of witches trick the puritans into making the sacrifices that they need, to unleash a plague. The chain of events all begins with the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. Even during all the plotting and deaths, a love story between Mary Sibley and John Alden ignites a fire that all but consumes them both. The season finale revealed that Mary’s son , who she thought was dead, was very alive. John had been wounded while waiting to meet Mary in the woods. A group of Native Americans fought off the group that was trying to kill John. He is taken to their Shaman, in a bid to save his life.



Janet Montgomery stars as the head witch, Mary Sibley. Mary’s lover, Captain John Alden, is played by Shane West. Salem’s spiritual needs are tended to by John’s friend, Cotton Mather (Seth Gabel). Tituba, Mary’s dedicated sister witch is played by Ashely Madkwe. Elise Eberle is cast in the role of the coven’s youngest sister, Mercy Lewis. Mary only has one true rival, Anne Hale (Tamzin Merchant). Ann has her sights set on John’s heart.




Season two picks up where the first ended. Posters released by WGN show Mary Sibley leading the coven to war against an opponent that has yet to be revealed to fans. Execute Producer Brannon Brega has hinted that in the new season John and Mary’s relationships will be tested during the Witch War.


This “bewitching” series is dark, bloody, twisted and fantastic. ‘Salem’ has many facts from the real trials, mixed in with fiction. The action never stops and each episode leaves you wanting more. Just when you think you know what will happen next, they surprise you.



If you haven’t seen season 1 of  ‘Salem’, you need to. Lucky for you,’Salem’ is on Netflix Streaming and in stores. Season 2 of ‘Salem’ begins on WGN April 5th.




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