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‘Rock Paper Dead’ Has A Cast That’s To Die For

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Michael Coulombe’s new film ‘Rock Paper Dead’ is based on the screenplay by Kerry Fleming and Victor Miller, the man who brought us ‘Friday The 13th’.

The cast line up is incredible. ‘Guardian of the Galaxy’ actress, Mikaela Hoover, plays the role of the lovely Ashley. Horror legend Dee Wallace (Cujo, The Howling, The Lords of Salem), has been cast as Dr. Bauer. The part of Uncle Charles will be played by ‘The Hills Have Eyes’ actor Michael Berryman. ¬†Korrina Rico (Horrible Bosses 2), Anna Margaret (B.T.K.), Kristen Micharlsen (Mario), Christine Nicole (2007 USA World Championships co-producer),¬†Victor Miller (Friday The 13th) and John Dugan (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), star along side legendary actor Bruce Davison, who has stared in ‘X-Men’, ‘The Lord of Salem’, ‘Knight Rider’ (2008), ‘Kingdom Hospital’ and over 200 other movies. Two actors that have played Jason in ‘Friday The 13th’, Kane Hodder and Ari Lehman, have also joined the cast.

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‘Rock Paper Dead’ follows serial killer, Peter Harris, nicknamed the “The Doll Maker”. Peter has just been released from the state hospital for the criminally insane. After twenty years, he’s been declared “cured”. After arriving to his family’s estate, the memories of his tortured childhood come flooding back. Peter is able to keep it together, until he meets Ashley and his world begins to unravel.

This horror-thriller will be out in 2016. Personally, I can’t wait.


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