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From The Director Of ‘Paranormal Activity’ Comes ‘Area 51’

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Area 51, in Roswell, New Mexico is one of the most guarded places on earth. Millions of believers and conspiracy theorists have considered Area 51 a mecca since 1947 when (supposedly) an alien craft crash landed in the desert. Now ‘Paranormal Activity’ writer/director Oren Peli has created ‘Area 51’, a found footage film that explores not only our fears about what creatures may exist beyond our own solar system, but also goes far beyond the guarded perimeter of the base and into the base’s secretive corridors, to find something truly terrifying.

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‘Area 51’ stars ‘Argo’ actress Nikka Far, ‘House of Manson’ actor Reid Warner, Ben Rovner (The New American Dream), Jelena Nik (P.L.U.G.), Jennifer Ludwigsen (616: Paranormal Incident) and writer/actor Darrion Bragg (After the Party). Glen Campbell, a UFO expert, who is considered the unofficial spokesman of Area 51, will also have a role in the film, as himself.

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In the film, a group of young conspiracy theorists plan to break onto the base to find out what secrets are hiding inside the secretive compound. The group will soon find out what horrifying things the government has been hiding for over fifty years, but they may not survive to share it’s secrets.

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‘Area 51’ went into production back in 2009. Blumhouse and Paramont are finally releasing ‘Area 51’ on May 5th.

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