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A Sequel To ‘Ouija’ Is In The Works

  ‘Oculus’ writers Mike Flanagan and Jeff Howard are set to pen the sequel to the 2013 paranormal horror ‘Ouija’, which Mike Flanagan directed. Flanagan and Howard   ‘Ouija’ follows five teenagers, who have used a Ouija board to reach out to their friends, who supposedly committed suicide. The group accidentally unleashes a vengeful spirit. […]

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Lost World by Kate L. Mary

Lost World by Kate L. Mary is the fourth book in the Broken World series. Aside from Ryan Casey’s Dead Days, this is the only zombie series I have been eager to continue reading. I am still working my way through Casey’s first season of Dead Days, but something about Mary’s Broken World series keeps reeling me back in […]

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‘The Last Witch Hunter’ Starring Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel’s latest project is titled ‘The Last Witch Hunter’. The movie spans several genres, including horror and fantasy. The secret that witches still among the modern day population eludes most people, but not the witch hunters.  Supernatural creatures are bent on unleashing The Black Death on the world, all that stands between the world and […]

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