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‘Shark Lake’ Starring Dolph Lundgren


Action star Dolph Lundgren (The Expendables) is back in the action packed creature feature, ‘Shark Lake’. Lundgren stars along side Sara Malakul Lane of ‘Sharktopus’, Michael Aaron Milligan (V/H/S Viral) and James Chalke (Command Performance). Director Jerry Dugan brought this shark film to life.


Meredith Hendricks, a fiercely protective single mom, happens to be the best cop in her small town on Lake Tahoe. Around the same time as Clint, a black-market exotic species dealer, is released from prison, a pregnant animal he let loose begins to let itself be known, but it’s not alone. Not only are there sharks in the lake, there’s sharks on land, of a different kind and they’re threatening Clint’s daughter. Both swimmers and pedestrians are soon part of Lake Tahoe’s new food chain. It’s up to Meredith, Peter and Clint to stop the beasts’ rampage. The only thing more frightening than a man-eating creature is a man-eating creature protecting it’s young.


‘Shark Lake’ bares it’s teeth in theaters on October 2nd.



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