George A. Romero’s Empire Of The Dead Being Adapted For AMC

King of he undead, George A. Romero, will soon have his own series on AMC. Romero’s graphic novel ‘Empire of the Dead’ is being adapted for TV. The show will be penned by Romero himself, along with his long time partner Peter Grunwald. Romero, Grunwald, William D. Johnson and Sam Englebardt will be producing. We reported back in May that the books would be getting an adaption, but at the time the network was unknown.




The graphic novels are set in New York City and not only have zombies, but vampires as well. In ‘Empire of the Dead’, humanity is caught in the conflict between a race of vampires and the undead. Manhattan has been quarantined and those inside are stuck in the middle of the supernatural war. The Marvel series consists of issues referred to as “Acts”.  Act one of the series, released in January of 2014, sold over 1 million copies.


empire dead 1


‘Empire of the Dead’ artist Arthur Suydam announced the series during an interview with WHAS11 at the Louisville Wizard World Comic Con. “This just got signed to AMC. The new big zombie series on AMC is expected to be this one right here,”.


empire dead 2


I can’t help but wonder, how will AMC juggle three zombie series (Empire of the Dead, The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead) ?  ‘Empire of the Dead’ will begin filming sometime in 2016.



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