Lake Runs Red Releases A Series Of Character Trailers

Key Art by: Jeff Fuller


Melissa and Lauren, two college friends, retreat to Lauren’s secluded family lake house in Northern Minnesota, to prepare for finals. The girls have drawn the unwanted attention of a disturbed man, who has followed them to the cabin. The girl’s and their family will soon find themselves at the mercy of the deranged stranger.




Red Ration Entertainment presents Lake Runs Red, an independent film produced exclusively in Minnesota. Lake Runs Red combines crime, slasher and splatter sub-genres to create a fresh take on a home-invasion thriller. The film was directed by Jason Riesgraf, who also co- wrote Lake Runs Red along with Dan Moores. Riesgraf  and Moores also serve as producers with Jeff Fuller and Stephanie Riesgraf. Lauren Morris, Kaci Wegleitner, Michael Hertenstein, Helene Donohue and C.J. DeVann star in the film.


CJ DeVaan as Bruce Key art by Jeff Fuller


Over the past few months Lake Runs Red has been releasing character trailers one-by-one for the film. We have collected all of the trailers here for you to enjoy. The thriller will be out on limited release in 2016. For more information please visit the Lake Runs Red website and for frequent updates follow them on Twitter.












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