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After a terrible accident a mother, grieving from the loss of her son, seeks out an ancient ritual that will bring him back so that she can say one last goodbye. She travels to ancient temple, where a door serves as a portal between the two worlds. She ignores the warnings and opens the door, upsetting the delicate balance between life and death. Now, she and her family must face the spirits that have been released.


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The Other Side of the Door stars The Walking Dead’s Sarah Wayne Callies as Maria, the grieving mother. Jeremy Sisto, Javier Botet, Jax Malcolm and Sofia Rosinsky also star in this dark, supernatural film directed by Johannes Roberts. Roberts co-wrote the film along with Ernest Riera.


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Catch The Other Side of the Door in theaters nationwide or On Demand March 4th.




Spooked yet? You will be after you watch the four clips released by 20th Century Fox.



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