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Norman Reedus Vs. Andrew Lincoln – An Epic Prank War Between Friends

reedus and lincoln 1

It’s common knowledge that The Walking Dead‘s Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes in the hit series, and Norman Reedus, the cross-bow toting hero Daryl Dixon, have an epic bromance both on and off the show.

reedus and licoln

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Few fans know that the duo have a long-running prank war going. It all began two years ago when Lincoln pulled a walker prank on Reedus with the help of Vine prankster Nick Santonastasso.


The prank war between the two stars (and friends) has since escalated to new epic levels, including tricks like Reedus filling Lincoln’s trailer with chickens. Yes, you read that right, chickens. During an appearance on The Late Show With James Corden Reedus discussed the pranks and ending up “in a strip club with Janet Jackson”.

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