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The Predator Receives New Release Date

predator poster


Fans of the Predator franchise have been begging for years to see a new that comes close the quality of the original 1987 masterpiece from John McTiernan. It seems our cries have been heard by writer-director Shane Black.


Black is very familiar with the original Predator film. He should be, he starred in it as Hawkins, alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is in talks to return for Black’s film, simply titled as The Predator.  It has been said that the alien warrior will be getting a redesign with the intent of making it bigger and badder.


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Black has had a successful run in Hollywood and is behind films such as Lethal Weapon, Iron Man 3, and the classic horror film The Monster Squad.


The Predator was originally set to arrive in theaters on March 2, 2018, but now, a new date has been announced. FOX has moved up the date to February 9, 2018. Even if there is only a month’s difference, it’s still good news in our book.




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