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Nicole Kidman’s Blossom Films Delivering A Film Based On The Vampire Off-Broadway Play Cuddles


Nicole Kidman has optioned the rights to the off-Broadway vampire play Cuddles, by Joseph Wilde, via her company Blossom Films, according to Variety.



“Joe’s voice is so beautifully subversive.” Kidman said. “He’s exactly the kind of young writer Blossom is looking to support.”


cuddles 2


The story follows a Eve, a young teenage vampire. Everything she knows about the world, she was told by her still-human sister, Tabby. She has never left her room and her life is filled only with storybook characters, which she believes are real. Eve’s only source of love and nourishment is her sister. One day, Tabby decides she tired of being fed on and in a breath, Eve’s entire world changes.


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