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Two New Clips Arrive For Hell House LLC – Out On DVD This November

  Terror Films has unleashed two new clips for the found footage horror film ‘Hell House LLC’, from writer-director Stephen Cognetti,  ahead of its November 1st release. Danny Bellini, Ryan Jennifer, Gore Abrams, Jared Hacker, Adam Schneider, Alice Bahlke, Jeb Kreager, and Theodore Bouloukos co-star in this haunted house film that follows a documentary film […]

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Slovenia’s First Horror Film Killbillies (aka Idyll) Now Available on DVD and VOD

  When it comes to hillbilly slasher films, like ‘Wrong Turn’, the south is the usual the setting. A new horror film,  ‘Killbillies’, is shaking up that tradition. ‘Killbillies’, also known as ‘Idyll’, is the first horror film from the country of Slovenia, the coastal country bordering Italy and the Adriatic Sea. The film centers […]

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Ice-T Sinks His Teeth Into The Role Of A Vampire In ‘Bloodrunners’

  Musician turned actor, Ice-T sinks his teeth into new role as an ancient vampire in ‘Bloodrunners’ from writer-director Dan Lantz. The period action-thriller centers on turf war between a crooked cop and a power-hungry vampire during the prohibition era.   Hip-Hop icon Ice-T, has spent the past 16 years on ‘Law & Order: SVU’,  playing the […]

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Photos Leaked From Alien: Covenant Reveal Facehuggers, New Alien And More

A few days ago, we reported that ‘Alien: Covenant’ actor Michael Fassbender had revealed the name of the new Xenomorphs, named Neomorphs, and the details that surround the creatures creation.     Today, several leaked photos from the film surfaced, via The images, we fear, won’t be up long due to the spoilers they […]

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Dive Into ‘Dark Blue’ From Writer-Director Michael Segal

  The Italian action-thriller ‘Dark Blue’ has released its first trailer, via Permanent Memories Productions. Written and directed by Michael Segal, this indie film looks more like a big-budget studio movie.     ‘Dark Blue’ centers on divers who discover the wreckage of a ship, the Miorgaroso, that sank in the Mediterranean Seas in the […]

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Family Possessions Unveils First Trailer

  Horse Creek Productions’s newest horror film has just premiered at Nightmare Film Festival in Ohio. The film, titled ‘Family Possessions’, is from writer-director Tommy Faircloth. The supernatural thriller stars Felissa Rose, Jason Vail, Elizabeth Mears, Leah Wiseman, and Mark Patton in his first role since ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge’.     […]

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New Cloverfield Sequel ‘God Particle’ Has Entered Production

  J.J. Abrams surprised fans earlier this year with a sequel to 2008’s found-footage alien film ‘Cloverfield’, titled ’10 Cloverfield Lane’. The film was huge success, renewing interest in the franchise for fans. It is not surprising that Abrams already has plans for another sequel. What is surprising is that it has already quietly entered […]

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