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Director Shares Images From Annabelle 2

  David F. Sandberg’s prequel ‘Annabelle 2’ will be opening in theaters this August. Today, we get a behind the scenes look at the spin-off to ‘The Conjuring’ via Sandberg’s Instagram account. And things look pretty bloody creepy.     The film, produced by horror heavy-hitter James Wan, takes place several years after the tragic death […]

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Things Get Apocalyptic In Three New Clips From Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

  ‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’ is closing in on its January 27th release date. The sequel picks up immediately after the events in ‘Resident Evil: Retribution’, Alice is the only survivor of what was meant to be humanity’s final stand against the undead. “Now, she must return to where the nightmare began – The […]

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Anneliese Mickel: The Voice Of The Damned – A True Story Of Possession

  Do you remember 2005’s possession film ‘The Exorcism of Emily Rose’, starring Jennifer Carpenter, Laura Linney, Tom Wilkinson and Campbell Scott? The film centers on the possession and exorcism of a 19 year-old college student (Carpenter). In a rare decision, the Catholic church approved her exorcism. What you might not realize is that the […]

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A Group Of Friends Accidentally Unleash Evil In ‘Bornless Ones’ – On VOD This February

  Writer-director Alexander Babaev’s supernatural thriller ‘Bornless Ones’ will be making its way to theaters and VOD this February. accidentally Margaret Judson, Michael Johnston, Devin Goodsell, Mark Furze, David Banks and Bobby T. star in this “atmospheric and demon-filled fright fest’, with a serious ‘Evil Dead’ feel.     Synopsis: Having just moved to a […]

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