Netflix Unveils The First Poster For Its Upcoming Series Adaption Of Castlevania

castlevania poster


Earlier this month Netflix announced that an animated ‘Castlevania’ series is in the works which will be executive produced by Adi Shankar (The Grey). The poster for the series has now been released (above).




On the red and black poster, which pays homage to the game series that show is based on, we see Dracula’s Gothic castle surrounded by bats.

Shankar recently spoke with Dread Central and had this to say about the upcoming series:

I’m a gamer. I’m a comic book guy and I’m a video game guy. It’s amazing to see all of the comic book tales beyond just origin stories get treated with respect. Video game adaptations are where comic book adaptations were in the mid-Eighties. We still need our Blade moment, our X-Men moment, our Spider-Man, and then our Avengers moment. ‘Castlevania’ will be the best video game adaptation to date.”

‘Castlevania’ season 1 will arrive on Netflix later this year. Check out the game trailer for ‘Castlevania: Lords of Shadows’ to get an idea of what you might be able to expect from the new series.



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