The (Chlorinated) Water Runs Red in The First Trailer For POOL PARTY MASSACRE

Fans of water side lounging and vicious murder have something to look forward to in the upcoming Pool Party Massacre, where foam noodles and inner tubes offer little protection against Axe Blades and Hedge Clippers.

From the Las Angeles based Floating Eye Films, Pool Party Massacre is a gore soaked throwback to 80s cheese, and all the blood, sex, and madness that comes with it. After all, who needs big budgets and complicated plots when you have sexy young people in swim wear and a shed full of power tools? Writer-Director Drew Marvick is sure getting in the spirt of things!


                                    Pool Party Massacre doesn’t have a release date beyond Summer 2017 yet, but that just gives you more time to arrange a pool party of your own. Hopefully with more margaritas and less disembowlement.


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