GARDEN PARTY MASSACRE Showcases Suburban Carnage in First Trailer

Garden Parties are often un-fun affairs; badly cooked hotdogs, shitty conversation with strangers, and warm beer served in plastic cups normally add up to a good time. But at the very least, your average get together doesn’t involve a homicidal bald man with a pickaxe.

From director Gregory Blair, Garden Party Massacre’s first trailer makes the film seem like it’s going to be a seriously meta (and seriously funny) little horror comedy. Some of the trailers best moments;

  • “Wes and I are vegetarians.” “You don’t eat meat?” “Well I wouldn’t say that.”
  • “Where did he get a pickaxe in suburbia?”
  • “I was married once, but he died.” “Suicide?”

And of course there’s that badass theme song that plays at the end. Does Garden Party Massacre look like a masterpiece? Maybe not. Does it look like a hell of a lot of low budget, cheesy fun? Absolutely. I know I’m going to give it a watch just to listen to the full version of that song.

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