#AmericanCarnage by Pochassic


#AmericanCarnage: Sci Fi Short Stories by Pochassic is a new short book by the author of Flesh Without Soul which I reviewed when it came out a few years ago. I was curious to see what this book offered after enjoying the other.

Book Description:

Sci-fi short stories from the edge of sanity, Endless Horizon, a family having a conversation at the end of the world. Enlightenment Sucks, not all sages are created equal. Pride, a heroic Janitor battles zombies. The Trial, obedience to Galactic Law is freedom. The Big Why SuperMarket, There is more going on in the frozen food aisle than you think.

The book is only 22 pages long and filled with several science fiction stories. The stories aren’t related but do have an overarching theme of hopelessness as most occur in dire or dystopian situations. It makes for a very quick read (again, it’s 22 pages long), so it’s definitely worth it for Kindle Unlimited readers. It’s the kind of read you’d want to have on your phone for standing in lines. Not every story was a winner for me, but you run that risk with short story collections.

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