‘Deep Blue Sea 2’ Is Now Filming



1999’s shark film Deep Blue Sea has always been one of my favorites, in fact it made on our 15 Great Films Set In Water list earlier this week. Back in 2009 we got our hopes up Warner Bros. announced that that a sequel was in the works, only to have it stall. With the recent success of films like The Shallows and 47 Meters down, shark movies are on the radar. Now, news has come that Deep Blue Sea 2 has swam into production and is currently filming in Cape Town.

Darin Scott, behind films like Tales from the Hood, Menace to Society II, and From a Whisper to a Scream, will be in the director’s chair. Aquaman’s Michael Beach is set to co-star. He also co-starred in 1989’s horror film The Abyss set deep in the ocean where the crew of a dive team searches for a lost submarine and stumble across an alien.

Telefilm is producing for the Syfy channel. Reportedly, the story centers on Dr. Klaus Van Etten, who is performing experiments on Bull sharks, much to the distress of a team of marine experts. When the sharks escape, everyone is put in danger.




In the original film, starring Samuel L. Jackson, Thomas Jane, and LL Cool J, a team of scientists are conducting experiments on sharks in hopes of finding a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease. One of the side effects of the experiments, smart sharks. Soon the isolated research facility become part of the menu when the three sharks team up.

We will keep you posted.


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