A Quartet Of Quintessential Stephen King Films To Be Featured In A New Blu-ray Collection

As is the case with most of you, my Little Monsters, I am eagerly awaiting the upcoming release of cinematic fare by that Master of the Macabre, Stephen King. We have The Dark Tower coming out on August 4th  and IT  which is due out on September 8th. But four iconic King horror films will also be released as a collection somewhere in between these two highly anticipated theatrical releases.

The 1979 adaptation of Salem’s Lot, Stanley Kubrick’s film version of The Shining, King’s second anthology film, Cat’s Eye, and the original 1989 mini-series adaptation of IT are being compiled for a Blu-ray collection called the “King og Horror Collection”.


Granted, each of these adaptations have already been released independently, but such a collection would be a great way to get all the films in one place and would also make a perfect gift to provide newer fans a look at how some of King’s nightmarish stories have been translated onto the screen.

The “King of Horror Collection” four film Blu-ray set will be available for sale August 27th, and may currently be available for pre-order online or at local retailers.


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