‘Mother Krampus’ Is Delivering Terror This November


The holidays are headed our way and with them comes all of the joys of the season, cool weather, presents, and holiday themed horror films.

Back in 2015 we witnessed Santa’s dark counterpart Krampus scare the hell out of a family. This year, Mother Krampus is coming to town and she’s not bringing cookies, she’s bringing terror.

Titled 12 Deaths of Christmas in the UK, Mother Krampus comes from James Klass (House of Elm Lake) who directed from the script penned by Scott Jeffrey (Fox Trap).

Starring Tara MacGowran, Claire-Marie Fox, Faye Goodwin, Tony Manders, Michelle Archer and Oliver Ebsworth, the film is based on the myth of Mother Krampus, a witch that comes to take children each night on the 12 days of Christmas.

Lock the doors, and fuel the fire, Mother Krampus is coming November 7, 2017 to Blu-ray and DVD. You can pre-order your copy now.

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