‘Pinwheel’ Scares Up A Redbox Release Date


Green Apple Films has just announced the release date for the gore-filled slasher Pinwheel from director Daniel Dahlstrom who co-wrote the movie with Darren O’Brian.


From the Press Release:

BOCA RATON, FL (August 21, 2017) – Joshua K. Carpenter, Head of Global Acquisition & Sales of Green Apple Entertainment today announced the USA DVD rental release of “Pinwheel” in select kiosk with Redbox. Created by Cineriot Films, the film was directed by Daniel Dahlstrom, written by Daniel Dahlstrom and Darren O’Brien, produced by Gabriel Campisi (Producer of: The Domicile, The Horde, Buddy Hutchins) and David Gere (Producer of: Blue Line, Christmas All Over Again).

Synopsis“Riley (Julie Ann Dawson) must return to her childhood home after her fathers mysterious disappearance. As things unravel, it becomes clear that his disappearance is linked to a much more sinister plot involving her fathers carnival and a mysterious Pinwheel.”



The film stars Julie Ann Dawson, Darren O’Brien, Jeffrey Alan Solomon, Buck Biestek, David Gere, Ox Baker, and Ashley Couture. Stop by a Redbox near you and bring home Pinwheel today.

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