Stephen King’s ‘Suffer The Little Children’ Being Adapted For Feature Film


Stephen Kind adaptions are everywhere these days, not that I’m complaining. On the heels of IT’s mind-blowing success, news has come that we will be seeing another film based on his works.

Variety has reported that Sean Carter (Keep Watching) is currently writing a script for the adaptation of King’s short story “Suffer the Little Children”. Carter will also be directing the feature.  Nicolas Chartier, Craig Flores, and Sriram Das have signed on to produce.

“Suffer the Little Children”, first published back in 1972 in Cavalier Magazine then in “Nightmare in Dreamscapes”, centers on a first-grade school teacher who notices that there is something strange about the children in her class, that there is a texture underneath their skin and a conspiratorial way they play together. There has also been a series of mysterious deaths in the town.

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