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Hurricanes And Horror Movies: 3 Flicks That Take Place During Brutal Storms

Having just gone through one of the worst hurricanes Florida has experienced in decades, I got to thinking about some of the best horror films that have taken place during hurricanes.  The list is surprisingly short.  Hopefully, we’ve seen our last hurricane for the season, but for those of you that want to experience some hurricane-horror from the comfort of your own couch, here’s a short list of flicks that take place during some of the worst storms Mother Nature can throw at us.

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

In this sequel to 1997’s I Know What You Did Last Summer, it’s one year after the killing of a crazy hit-and-run victim turned slasher Ben Willis and survivor girl Julie James (Jennifer Love Hewitt) has won a trip to the Bahamas with some of her new college friends.  They arrive at a resort that’s operating with a skeleton crew, and apparently, none of them get the weather channel because they’ve also arrived just before a hurricane is set to blow through.

It’s hard to pick the scariest element in this film:  the hurricane, the fact that old Ben Willis is still alive, or watching Jack Black play the token stoner.


Deep Blue Sea

What could possibly go wrong with the genetic tampering of giant Mako sharks?  Probably nothing, unless you happen to do all of that genetic tampering in the middle of a hurricane.

Some might forget that a hurricane is a pretty substantial plot element in 1999’s Deep Blue SeaIt’s one of the reasons why the cast is made up of yet another skeleton crew of “personnel,” and the storm is also the reason why a helicopter rescue goes horribly wrong, helping to flood the underwater lab that serves as the film’s setting.  But let’s be honest, that helicopter fiasco also gives us one of the more memorably creepy scenes in the whole film…

Jurassic Park

This is quite possibly the granddaddy of all “how many bad things can happen during a hurricane” flicks.  In what has quickly become a pattern in this article, most of the crew in Jurassic Park has fled to the mainland in advance of an approaching hurricane, leaving only a skeleton crew left to operate the park for John Hammond’s visitors.

While it was the conniving IT slob Dennis Nedry that was ultimately responsible for the chaos that ensues in Jurassic Park, the storm certainly adds a creepy environmental factor to the film, which would be far less effective without it.  As an interesting and downright frightening piece of trivia, the cast and crew of Jurassic Park actually had to shelter in place and ride out Hurricane Iniki, the most powerful hurricane to hit the Hawaiian Islands, during the making of the film.


There you have it–3 horror flicks that take place during hurricanes.  Having personally suffered through Irma this month I, for one, am perfectly content to get my fill of these wicked storms by watching others get slaughtered and eaten in thess 90’s gems….


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