Shudder Having Giveaway Ahead Of ‘Found Footage 3D’ Premiere

Just in time for Halloween, streaming service Shudder is givi9ng away a pair of 3D glass to the 1,000 participants to request a pair to wear while watching the premiere of the film Found Footage 3D on October 26, 2017.



From the Release:

Just in time for Halloween, Shudder, the premium thriller, horror, and supernatural streaming service backed by AMC Networks, releases the 2D version of the upcoming Shudder Exclusive film FOUND FOOTAGE 3D! Following last week’s premiere of Seoul Station, the animated prequel to Train to Busan, FOUND FOOTAGE 3D is the latest Shudder Exclusive to premiere in October.

In FOUND FOOTAGE 3D (trailer), a group of filmmakers traveling to a remote cabin in Central Texas find themselves in a real-life horror film as the evil entity from their first-ever 3D movie begins to show up in behind-the-scenes footage.

In anticipation of the 10/26 premiere, today marks the launch of Shudder’s free 3D glasses promotion.

●      Participants can visit https://try.shudder.com/foundfootage/ to enter

●      The first 1,000 to enter will receive glasses in the mail before the 3D 10/26 premiere

●      The film will premiere in anaglyph 3D and 3DTV versions on the 26th, and Shudder will also post instructions on how to make your own 3D glasses,? so all viewers can enjoy 3D from the comfort of their home



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