AMC Airs First Episode Of ‘Walking Dead’ Digital Series ‘Red Machete’


Back in season 5 of ‘The Walking Dead’, we watched as Rick (Andrew Lincoln) killed the cannibal Gareth (Andrew J. West) with a red-handled machete in a church after getting the drop on Gareth and a few of his men. Do you remember? It has been considered one of the most brutal kill scenes in the show. Let me refresh your memory.



Now, AMC is unleashing a bonus digital series that follows the machete from its first kill through its life as a weapon against both the human and undead. During last night’s season 8 premiere we got to see the first episode of the five-part miniseries titled ‘Red Machete’ which will be released via AMC apps,, and YoutTube.

We watched on as a young man ripped the machete from the walls of a hardware store to fight against a walker during the first days of the zombie apocalypse as a girl watches on in horror.

Don’t miss ‘The Walking Dead’ on Sundays on AMC and on Fox on Mondays. You can watch the first episode of ‘Red Machete’ below.



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