Movie Review: Bunnyman Vengeance is an Exercise in Tedium


Have you ever seen a horror picture so sublime in narrative and execution that it becomes almost a spiritual experience to watch it? Well, Bunnyman Vengeance is not that picture.

The long and short of the story goes as follows: serial killer Michael (the Bunnyman in question…and in no way a Leatherface surrogate), returns to his home to find his family (who bear no relation to any individuals hailing from Texas) running a haunted attraction that attempts to capitalize on his infamous murder spree. Things go along swimmingly with folks getting slaughtered left and right, but before you know it, the fearsome family is at each other’s throats. That sounds simple and straightforward enough, right? Oh my fiends you are so very, very wrong…

So let’s start by saying somethin’ nice about Bunnyman Vengeance. Aesthetically, the film has a ton on the beastly ball. It’s well shot, incredibly artsy for the type of picture it is, contains some really arresting visuals (plus some of the kills and gore ain’t too shabby), and the actual Bunnyman look is kind of cool in a “I can’t believe they made something so goofy look so threatening” sort of way. But like a cinematic Narcissus, this film is only concerned with how it looks; story and reasonable narrative be damned. Which of course means…

This yarn is all over the damn map…narrative-wise it has no solid structure, events just play out with nary a speck of rhyme or reason (to wit, an endless procession of scenes where unrelated characters wander into the murder house and get slaughtered)…now, this isn’t always a problem (I mean the maestros of the Italian horror boom of the ’80’s were on point with this style), but here the whole thing seems tedious and crammed with filler. It makes the finished piece seem bloated and over long, which at ninety minutes it really shouldn’t.

If you absolutely need to see every possible knock off of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, or if you are a complete and total devotee of the other films in the Bunnyman franchise, then by all means knock yourself out with this flick. If however you want a slasher film that is more killer than filler, divert your gaze from Bunnyman Vengenace my creeps.


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