“Aliens: Zone of Silence” Available Now On VOD

Mexican deserts, extraterrestrial abductions, and more flying saucers than you can shake a tinfoil hat at combine in “Aliens: Zone of Silence”, now available on VOD.

   A found footage alien abduction film, “Zone of Silence” is the feature debut of director Andy Fowler, a former vice president of visual effects with Disney. Film’s he’s worked on include “San Andres”, “TRON: Legacy”, and “Noah”.

Set in a large swath of Mexican desert known as “La Zona del Silencio” (Zone of Silence) the film follows a young woman seeking out her younger brother, who went missing in the area while searching for aliens. Personally I wouldn’t venture anywhere theres a chance of getting my ass probed by E.T. but hey, gotta protect the fam right?

If physical media is your thing, you can pick up the Blu-ray on Amazon as well. Sounds like the perfect film to kill some time waiting around in the searing heat of the desert looking for aliens.

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